The Local Framework

Geography is the key: location and physical characteristics

The Port of Sines is located on the cross of the main maritime routes North-South and East-West. It’s a deep-water open sea port, with no maneuvering restrictions, offering natural depths to receive the biggest containerships in the world. It has no urban constraints allowing expansion capacity and easy rail and road accesses.


We know what to do

The Port of Sines has experience with the largest containerships. This includes Pilots, Tugs, Traffic Control and Operations. Maneuvers are quick and simple, with no delays, in order to help our customer to be more efficient. The port offers high efficiency ratios, above the international standards.


We are connected: Port Community System links all authorities

The Logistic Single Window (JUL) is a paperless electronic platform that connects all public authorities with the private operators. All authorizations to enter the port are given 2.5 days before the vessel’s arrival, allowing port operations to start immediately. This single window concept was expanded from port & maritime to the hinterland stakeholders, covering all logistic chain.


Daily rail connections to Dry Ports & Logistic Platforms

In 2018 the Port of Sines handled more than 100 container trains per week to/from Portuguese and Spanish Dry Ports & Logistic Platforms. More than 90% of the total containers handled to and from the hinterland is handled by train. Portuguese Government is currently improving the railway between the Port of Sines and Spain to increase rail productivity and to widen the port’s hinterland.


Logistic & Industrial Area guarantees local cargo

The port is contiguous to one of Europe’s  largest industrial and logistics area. It has an expansion capacity to up to 4,157 hectares and is served by excellent road and rail links. It already hosts a number of national and international companies, mainly from the energy and petrochemical industries. It has 268 hectares set aside for logistic activities in the vicinity of the new terminal. Potential to develop an advantageous integrated logistics and customs solution with the port’s container terminals and a cargo terminal at the Airport of Beja.


Port Community & Labor Legislation

Recent port labor legislation ensures flexibility and efficiency of port operations, ensuring 24/24h operations, all year round. Sines offers high levels of productivity in all its terminals, thus guaranteeing costumers’ satisfaction. The Port Community Association (CPSI) includes all stakeholders (shippers, port operators, logistics companies, freight forwarders, terminal operators, unions, etc.), in an unique environment promoting dialogue. The Port Authority has created a Forum for the Simplification of Procedures , comprising representatives from all parties in the port, aiming at turn Sines into a more agile port.