The New Terminal

International Tender | Concession Object

The object is the construction and operation, of a new terminal at the Port of Sines, designated as Vasco da Gama Terminal, including all necessary services, works, supplies and other convenient services. It is a B.O.T. – Build, Operate & Transfer project under the public service regime. It includes the project and the construction, by the Concessionaire, of the land & maritime port infrastructures, facilities and equipment of the new terminal. The Port Authority is responsible for the maritime protection works, rail&road access and electric power supply to the terminal’s gate.


Concession Area

Designated as 'project intervention area', it includes the concerning embankments, and should be implemented according to the project to be presented by the Concessionaire and approved by the Port Authority. The concession area already has the Environmental Impact Statement (DIA) issued by the Environmental Authority.


Duration of the Concession

The concession will be granted for 50 years from the date of its entry into force. By agreement of the parties, the concession may be extended for a period of 10 years if a) the public interest justifies so, and; b) the Concessionaire has fulfilled its legal and contractual obligations.


Design and construction of the new terminal

The Port Authority has developed the preliminary layout shown in the side image but the future concessionaire may present an alternative layout. The concessionaire is responsible for the design and construction of the new Terminal, ensuring financing and respecting any environmental constraints. New Terminal shall at least include the following port facilities: a) A quay front with 1375 meters; b)Embankment and storage area with 30 hectares minimum; c) Railway platform for maneuvering trains; d) The necessary and appropriate facilities for the services of the Concessionaire and the competent authorities; e)Cargo handling equipment.


Additional information of the tender

- Deadline for submission of bids: April 6th 2021

- Award: last quarter of 2021*

- Beginning of construction: 1st half 2023*

- Expected duration of works: 3 years *

*Estimated due time



Consult the Announcement 10976-2019 here.

Notice of the deadline extension here.

Consult the Tender Procedure here

- Consult TED here (Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU).